Thursday, 10 November 2011

XE2 Hotfix for Lion

I just saw a hot fix has been released to fix some issues in Update 2 (found through this Embarcadero blog post by J T.)  It looks like it only affects C++: it fixes a linker error and an error compiling STL containers.

If you use C++ Builder or RAD Studio, this looks worth applying.

As a side note, I only noticed this because I keep a close eye on community blog posts (through DelphiFeeds, a very useful site for collecting multiple sources together.)  Does anyone know if there's a specific feed where things like these hot fixes are announced?  I'm wondering how I would have been supposed to hear about it if I didn't happen to have seen it mentioned in a blog.


  1. CodeCentral has RSS/Atom feeds for every product and category. Of course, the icons are /tiny/ and at the bottom right of each page, so scrolled out of view on most systems by default. is an OPML list of every CC feed. Import that into your favorite RSS reader and track what you need.

  2. Thanks id, I didn't know about those!