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Experienced and passionate developer, software architect and UI designer. Professional design and development of cutting-edge software aimed at a worldwide market. Project manager and team leader, with a history of releasing high quality, reliable and beautiful products. Company representative at international events. Literate, intelligent, team player, and has a sense of humor. Fifteen years of experience with, and love for, Delphi. Enjoys learning and travel.
...says the introductory paragraph of my resume (PDF, one page, Australian-style.) Read on - there's some awesome stuff in the Notable Projects section I'd love you to read about.

Interested in hiring me? Great! My email address is in the PDF; please shoot me a mail and we'll have a chat. I own Parnassus OÜ, a Delphi consulting company. I currently live in Europe, though I am an Australian citizen.

I am happy working remotely, but I do believe in the value of knowing the team I work with in person, especially for long-term projects. If we work together long-term, I'd like to spend some time meeting or working with you in your office / coworking space / tent before returning elsewhere. If you don't think this is necessary, it's not a hard-and-fast rule. We'll figure something out!

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