Code and components


A 3D FireMonkey form on a VCL TPageControl.
The other tab has a 2D FireMonkey form.
A VCL control that can host a FireMonkey form, allowing you to include FireMonkey elements in your VCL app.  MPL license.  32- and 64-bit; tested only with RAD Studio XE4, but likely to work in XE3 too.

Secret multithreaded memory manager

A not-very-secret but not announced memory manager for Delphi.  Designed for multithreaded applications and adds some important memory security features not found in current Delphi MMs, based on those available in other compilers and environments.


An alpha-aware TCanvas-like class that allows you to compose and draw blended transparent shapes, text, etc.  It also makes drawing to glass parts of a form much easier.   Uses pure GDI - not GDI+, so no external libraries required.  MPL license.

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